What counts is your application: Mixer or dryer. Horizontal or vertical. Our focus lies on customized process design for your benefit.


AVA is a leading provider of plant and system solutions having its core competencies in mixing, drying, and reacting for both horizontal and vertical technologies. For decades, genuine expertise in process engineering, a creative, experienced and competent team, high-end technology implementation, as well as comprehensive service and support have provided guaranteed successful process technologies for numerous industrial applications as well as a leading position in the respective markets. A flat corporate structure ensures an outstanding price-performance ratio. The DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate guarantees the quality of both workflows and products.


Mixing Technology
AVA provides a vast range of mixing technologies for numerous industrial applications. As to horizontal mixers: these are batch mixers, continuous mixers, laboratory mixers, and ring layer mixers. As to vertical mixers: these are both, entirely conical or cylindrical mixers as well as conical-cylindrical mixers, in any case equipped with the original AVA-Helix.


Drying Technology
AVA is a proven specialist when it comes to drying technologies. AVA delivers paddle dryers designed both, as batch dryers as well as continuous dryers. Special-shaped paddles of these horizontal dryers ensure an optimum heat exchange between the product and the walls.


The vertical dryers included in AVA’s delivery program (Link auf das Lieferprogramm) comprise both: entirely conical or cylindrical dryers as well as conical-cylindrical dryers, in any case equipped with the original AVA-Helix. Particularly advantageous in both designs are short drying periods, which may be reduced even further in the vacuum design.


The unique diversity of AVA’s process technologies in terms of mixing, drying, and system solutions will convince you too!



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