Vertical mixers and dryers

Vertical mixers

Operational volumes 20 - 80.000 litres
Design with single or double helix or as centre tube screw mixer
The right choice for every application

The AVA conical mixers and dryers with their characteristic single or double helix were developed at the end of the 90s in order to find a solution to a problem that continually occurs with traditional conical devices with rotary screws. On the one hand is a risk of product contamination by means of transmission parts in the product chamber, and on the other hand, they have a tendency to develop faults, thereby increasing maintenance costs.

An additional bonus was provided by shortened mixing and drying times and improved cleanability.

The helix agitator processes dry or wet product, fluid or sticky bulk materials, filer cakes, sludge and liquids of various viscosities. The conical devices are ideal for almost any mixing task and the heated version can also serve as a dryer, reactor or evaporator.

System with many advantages
  • Design with single or double helix or alternatively as centre tube screw mixer for fluid products
  • Materials: high-carbon steels to high-quality stainless steels, e.g. Hastelloy
  • GMP and CIP variants
  • Mixing times from two to several minutes, depending on product
  • Short discharge times and optimal removal of residues
  • Consistently reproducible product quality
  • Particular gentle mixing
  • Drive and bearings outside of mixing chamber, therefore no risk of product contamination due to lubricants, etc.
  • Extremely easy cleaning
  • Various shaft seal systems: compression gland, radial shaft seal ring, maintenance free special lip washer seal, mechanical shaft seals
  • Product discharge via slide valve, spherical segment valve or ball valve
Application specials
  • The mixer and dryer can be equipped with a lifting column in order to facilitate maintenance and inspection work.
  • The design of the large radius agitator makes it easier to clean. For CIP cleaning the high-speed agitator supports the action of the cleaning jets.
  • Gentle folding or intensive blending can be achieved, depending on the speed and design of the agitator.
  • The simple design minimises the risk of mechanical problems and enables maintenance by in-house staff.
Conical mixer HVW 5000
Conical mixer HVW 5000
Conical mixer

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AVA-Vertical mixers and dryers (PDF, 595 KB)

Conical mixer HVW 220
Conical mixer HVW 220
Conical mixer HVW-Z 18000
Conical mixer HVW-Z 18000
Helix / cutting head alignment
Helix / cutting head alignment
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